How to Find a Christian Adoptive Family for Your Child

How to Find a Christian Adoptive Family

Once you’ve made the decision to place your baby for adoption in Texas, the next step is to find adoptive parents for him or her. But how do you find Christian families looking to adopt?

Finding adoptive parents may take a lot of time and thought — it’s not always easy to find the perfect parents for your child — but there are many ways to search that offer varying levels of success and safety.

Networking in Your Community

If you’re comfortable sharing your pregnancy and adoption plan with people around you, ask your friends and family members if they know any Christian couples looking to adopt a child in Texas. Maybe a friend of a friend, or a neighbor, or someone who goes to your church is hoping to adopt a child. This could be the perfect way to find an adoption situation where you may be able to play a more significant role in your child’s life.

However, finding adoptive parents through networking can be very difficult, particularly if you live in a small community. Additionally, there is no way for you to ‘screen’ prospective adoptive families this way; you may find yourself agreeing to an adoption plan with a couple who is great but not perfect, or who is not as committed to adoption as they initially seemed.

Searching Online

Texas adoption agencies like Adoption Answers have listings of Christian families waiting to adopt that you can look through. Many times, these include short open adoption family profiles that tell you a little bit about the prospective adoptive family. These adoption profiles provide you a way to quickly search through the many Christian families wanting to adopt in Texas and immediately discard any that aren’t the right fit for you and your child. Many adoptive families also create social media pages dedicated to their adoption. Through these resources, you can generally learn more about the family and contact them if you wish to move forward.

Additionally, if you require any financial assistance in the form of birth parent living expenses, adoptive families that you’ve connected with outside of an agency are often unable to provide these living expenses.

But there are some major drawbacks and dangers of searching via the internet on your own to find Christian couples looking to adopt. There is no way to guarantee that a family you find online is Christian, that they’ve been counseled about remaining committed to adoption, or that they’ve even been screened for safety.

Using an Agency

Fortunately, you can eliminate these issues by using an adoption agency to help you find the perfect Christian couple adopting. An agency will take the time to listen to your hopes for your child and answer any questions you have as you search for adoptive parents.

Many expectant parents who are considering working through an agency ask:

“Can I pick a family to adopt my baby?”

Absolutely! You’re in charge of everything in the Texas adoption process, including the selection of your ideal Christian adoptive family.

“Can people from a different state adopt my baby?”

Yes, if that’s what you prefer. Adoption Answers works with Christian families across the U.S. You can choose an adoptive family who lives in Texas, or a family who lives in any state if you prefer a little more distance in your adoption.

“What is the religion of the adoptive parents? How do I find Christian adoption family profiles?”

You also choose the faith of your baby’s family. If you feel strongly called for your child to be raised in a Christian home (regardless of your own religion), we’ll help you find Christian families wanting to adopt a baby who have been praying to meet you. All of the adoptive families who work with Adoption Answers are Christian adoptive couples.

“What else can I choose about the adoptive family?”

Other specifics that you can choose in a prospective adoptive family can include their occupation, race, age, location and more. From here, Adoption Answers will comb through all of our Christian adoption family profiles and present you with only the ones that specifically match what you’re looking for.

You will then be able to read through each of the profiles at your own pace. You can discard any that don’t appeal to you and keep the ones you like. Once you’ve chosen prospective adoptive parents that you feel are the perfect fit, you will be given the opportunity to talk to them over the phone before making a final decision. Throughout the entire process, your Adoption Answers adoption specialist will be there to provide support or answer any questions you may have about the waiting families. We will do everything we can to help you make the best decision for you and your child.

Additionally, by working with Adoption Answers, you can rest assured that all potential adoptive families are Christian, have been thoroughly screened and are ready to adopt. Adoption agencies require all of their families to have a completed home study before joining the agency. This means that each family has completed background checks, health exams, home safety checks and more to ensure they are ready to adopt a child in Texas. This can be an extreme comfort to expectant mothers as it ensures that her child will be placed in a safe environment.

We can help you find adoptive parents in Texas through our Christian adoption agency in Texas. To view Christian adoption profiles of Christian families wanting to adopt in Texas, call us at 1-800-659-7541 now.