Post-Placement Visits

Welcoming a child into your home is an amazing experience and huge relief in an adoption. The hard part — the waiting — is finally over. However, between placement and finalization, you must complete a series of post-placement visits to satisfy state laws. If you have adopted internationally, post-placement visits occur after finalization according to the country’s requirements.

After you bring your child home in a domestic adoption, your social worker will schedule her first post-placement visit — usually two to four weeks after placement. Typically, five post-placement visits are necessary for Texas adoptions; however, the number of visits will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the type of adoption you’re completing (domestic or international), the agency or attorney you’re working with, and the state in which your child was born. For example, if your child was born outside of Texas, the post-placement visits must be conducted according to that state’s guidelines and standards, which may require fewer or additional visits.

Much like the initial home visits, your social worker will use this home visit to observe your home and family interactions, but this time you’ll have your bundle of joy! Your social worker will observe your interactions with the child and discuss everything from milestones to doctor’s visits. The purpose of these visits is to ensure that you and the child are adjusting well to one another and that the child’s needs are being met.

Once the post-placement visits have been completed and all other requirements have been met, your social worker’s report will be submitted and reviewed as a part of the finalization process in a domestic adoption, putting you one step closer to the finish line.

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