Adoption in Fort Worth, TX

Adoption Answers has earned the reputation as one of the leading Christian adoption agencies in Fort Worth, TX, and throughout the surrounding area. Our commitment to the support of pregnant women and hopeful parents is how we’ve become known as the people to call for adoption in Fort Worth, Texas.

If you need information about adopting a child or placing a baby for adoption in Fort Worth, the following information may be able to help:

We Work with Birth and Adoptive Parents in Fort Worth and throughout Texas

Adoption Answers is headquartered right here in Fort Worth. While we have social workers scattered throughout the state to help pregnant women and hopeful parents considering adoption throughout Texas, Fort Worth is our home. From that home, we’ve been able to provide next-level care and attention to everyone who is interested in infant adoption in Fort Worth, TX, and throughout the state. This commitment to expectant and adoptive parents is why we’re considered one of the best adoption agencies in Fort Worth.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

Fort Worth Adoption Services for Expectant Mothers

For pregnant women choosing adoption, access to information and support is always a guarantee. But through Adoption Answers, you’ll also receive:

  • Options counseling, so you can decide whether or not adoption is right for you.
  • Help with your living expenses like rent and groceries to offset the financial strain of pregnancy.
  • Information about all of your choices, like open adoption, the types of parents you can choose for your child and more.
  • Profiles of waiting Christian families, so you can get to know and choose the family you feel is right for your baby.
  • Continued support and counseling throughout the Fort Worth adoption process and beyond, because your emotional wellbeing is our priority.

As you make important decisions about your baby’s future, we’ll be right here to provide you with the support and information you need to make those choices. To learn more about how to place a baby for adoption in Fort Worth, Texas, contact us now.

Fort Worth Adoption Home Study Services

In order to adopt a child, prospective adoptive parents must meet a series of requirements, including the adoption home study. Fort Worth adoptive families will need to submit documentation, complete background checks, interviews, in-home visits and more as part of their home study. This must be conducted through a Texas-licensed provider.

Adoption Answers is licensed to provide home study services for your Fort Worth adoption, even if you’re not adopting through our agency.

Home Studies for International Adoption in Fort Worth

Although Adoption Answers can only complete domestic infant adoptions in Fort Worth, we are able to provide home study services for international adoption. Fort Worth families who are pursuing an international adoption must complete a home study that is specific to this type through a provider that is Hague-accredited.

We’re able to provide these services for families hoping to adopt internationally, including the pre- and post-placement visits required.

Fort Worth-Area Adoption Consultations

If you’re still unsure about choosing adoption, or you’re not sure which type of adoption you want to pursue, we provide adoption consultation services that may help.

We can talk to you about the different types — domestic, international and foster care adoption in Fort Worth, TX — as well as the different types of professionals you would need to work with to complete the type you’re interested in. We can put you in touch with reputable international adoption agencies in Fort Worth, local foster care organizations, or any other relevant resources specific to your Fort Worth adoption journey.

Other Fort Worth Adoption Professionals and Resources

You may need connections to local resources outside of domestic adoption agencies in Fort Worth. Here are some of the resources you may find useful:

Adoption Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

As one of the top-ranking Fort Worth Christian adoption agencies, we’ve established partnerships with some of the best adoption lawyers in Fort Worth and throughout Texas. Expectant and adoptive parents who are completing an adoption in Fort Worth through our agency will automatically have representation through one of our attorneys, who will be your legal guide through the laws of adoption in Fort Worth, Texas.

Together with your Fort Worth adoption agency and your attorney, you’ll ultimately complete the finalization process in your local district court:

Foster and Adoption Agencies in Fort Worth

Although we’re only able to provide services as a private adoption agency, Fort Worth, TX, families who would like to learn more about foster care may be able to find what they need to begin their Fort Worth CPS adoption below.

To learn more about fostering or completing a CPS adoption, Fort Worth, TX, providers you can contact include:

Is Adoption Right for You?

Whether you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, or you’re hoping to grow your family through adoption in Fort Worth, it’s not always easy to know if this is the right path for you. Remember that if you have any questions at this point, you can always contact Adoption Answers at 1 (800) 659-7541 to learn more about how our Fort Worth-area adoption agency may be able to help you.

Choosing this option is a big decision, but if you’ve been searching for Christian adoption agencies in Fort Worth because you’re looking to make a connection with an expectant parent or an adoptive family, we can help. Contact the best adoption agency in Fort Worth, Texas, now for more information.