Home Study Updates

Unfortunately, home studies don’t last forever and must be updated regularly. In fact, home studies in Texas are only good for one year and must be updated annually while you are still in the adoption process. Additionally, they must also be updated after any major life changes, such as a change in residence or addition to the household. The good news is that the updating process is relatively simple.

If Adoption Answers completed your original home study, receiving an update is simple. Since we already have your information, we can do most of the hard stuff ourselves. For annual updates, we recommend getting the process started around the 10-month mark. This way, you can avoid becoming “inactive” due to an expired home study.

All you have to do is give us a call and let us know what needs to be updated. From there, we will schedule another in-home visit and interview, and run another background check. If not much has changed, the process should be fairly quick and easy!

We can also perform a home study update even if we weren’t the agency who completed the original home study. This process may take a bit longer, simply because we don’t know you yet. But once we’ve got all the necessary paperwork, we will get the update done as soon as possible.

 If you need to update your home study, or if you need to begin your initial home study process, you can apply online here. If you have any questions about updating your home study, you can call us at 1-800-659-7541.