Adoption is Always an Option

Whether you are eight weeks pregnant, eight months pregnant, just gave birth, or have been parenting your child for months, adoption is always an option. Many women don’t realize that it is never too late to place your child for adoption.

In fact, choosing adoption after birth is actually more common than you might realize.

Can I Place My Child for Adoption at Any Age?


Sometimes, the reality of becoming a mother doesn’t hit you until you’ve given birth or even parented your child for some time. Or, maybe your financial or living situation has changed and you are no longer able to care for your child.

No matter the circumstances, choosing adoption may be the best option for both you and your child.

There are no age requirements for giving your child up for adoption, as some pregnant women and new mothers have worried. If you feel that adoption is right for you and your child, then it doesn’t matter how old you are or how old your baby is.

Is It Too Late to Give My Baby Up For Adoption?

Generally, no.

However, the age of your child may affect what type of adoption you’re able to pursue, if you do decide that adoption is the best course of action. Many women ask, “What is the maximum age to give a child up for adoption in Texas?” “When is it too late to give a baby for adoption in Texas?” or, “How late can you give your child up for adoption?” The answers to these questions will vary depending on your individual set of circumstances.

Call Adoption Answers now at 1-800-659-7541 to discuss your situation and what options are available to you if you’re worrying about things like when can you give a child up for adoption in TX.

Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption at the Hospital?


Putting a baby up for adoption after birth is more common than you might think. Often, women have asked, “Can I give my baby up for adoption at the hospital?” The answer is yes.

If you’re sure that adoption is right for you and your baby, then we can work with you to create an adoption plan that you’re comfortable with, even if you’re putting baby up for adoption after birth and you’re still in the hospital. You’ll still have full control over all the decisions made in your adoption.

How Does the Last-Minute Adoption Process Work?

Adoption Answers can walk you through all of the steps of placing your baby for adoption at the hospital, or even weeks or months after he or she is born. Your last-minute adoption process will vary based on your individual preferences and circumstances but, in general, you will complete the following steps:

Choosing a Christian Family

No matter where you are in this process, Adoption Answers will provide you with profiles of Christian waiting adoptive families who fit what you’re looking for in a family for your child. You can then review their information and choose the family you feel is the best fit for your child.

This can happen even with a last-minute adoption in Texas. The right to choose your child’s parents is an important one, and it belongs to you even if you’re placing your child for adoption after they’ve been born.

Contacting the Family

Your Adoption Answers specialist will be able to quickly contact the family you choose and present them with the adoption opportunity. If the family agrees, you will be given the opportunity to talk with them either via phone or in person when they arrive to meet you and the child.

While there may be less time for you to get to know the adoptive family before placement occurs, there will be plenty of time to connect with them in the future. Adoption is the start of a lifelong journey, and the relationship between you and your child’s adoptive parents should continue to strengthen as your child grows.

Moving Forward

Your legal parental rights will need to be terminated before your child’s adoptive parents can be granted parental rights. Your legal representative will walk you through the legal steps that are required to transfer custody to the adoptive family.

After the adoption is completed, you will need time to grieve and heal. Adoption Answers can connect you with our 24-hour support team to help you through any ups and downs in the road ahead.

If you are considering adoption for your child, please do not hesitate to call Adoption Answers at 1-800-659-7541 for guidance and support. Remember, adoption is always an option.