Home Studies for International Adoptions

Home Studies for International Adoptions

Thinking about adopting a child internationally and need an international home study?

Adoption Answers’ international adoption home studies can be used in most countries, and we are able to conduct home studies for countries requiring a Hague-accredited home study. Our social workers have an excellent understanding of Hague standards and will work closely with your international adoption professional to ensure your home study is accepted by the child’s country of origin.

We regularly complete home studies for international adoptions taking place in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Nigeria, as well as many others. Unfortunately, due to country restrictions, we currently cannot complete home studies for China but we can direct you to an agency that can help.

At Adoption Answers, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a thorough home study in a timely manner. A rough draft of the home study is normally available for review within two weeks of the home visit, with final drafts generally completed in less than a month from the time of the visit. We are considerate of your time and are willing to schedule home visits in the evening or on weekends when necessary, making the process easier on you and your family. We know how eager you are to bring a child into your family, so we do our best to complete your home study as quickly as possible.

While speed is great to have, accuracy is the most important aspect in any home study, which is why we take the time to make sure every aspect of our home studies has been completed in line with state and international standards. Our social workers have long histories of experience in the adoption field — many with personal connections to adoption — and have an excellent understanding of home study guidelines and requirements for both Hague and non-Hague countries. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a legally sound home study that meets Hague standards.

Home Study Updates

Requirements for international adoption home study updates vary greatly depending upon the country and the length of the wait for referral. However, they are typically valid until USCIS approval needs to be updated, which generally occurs around 18 months after the initial approval. Additionally, updates are required after any major life event, such as a change in residence or an addition to the household. We can provide home study updates to adoptive families, even if we did not complete your original home study. Home studies for subsequent placements are completed at a lesser fee if we completed your previous home study.

Post-Adoption Services

Depending on your child’s country of origin, you may be required to complete post-adoption visits or interviews with a social worker. We are able to assist you with your post-adoption needs and complete visits or reports even if we did not provide you with home study services.

Please contact us today to complete your international adoption home study in Texas.