Do Birth Mothers Get 'Paid' for Adoption?

When women facing an unplanned pregnancy consider adoption, some of their main concerns often revolve around finances. Many women ask, “Do I get paid for adoption?” or “Does it cost to give a baby up for adoption in Texas?”

Not only is it free to place a baby for adoption, but you may be able to receive financial assistance to cover living expenses throughout your pregnancy.

If you are planning to place your child for adoption and are in need of financial assistance, Adoption Answers can help through birth parent living expenses. The expectant mother’s medical and legal fees relating to the adoption are also covered by the adoption agency. So, regardless of your current financial situation, you won’t have to worry about paying any hospital bills after the adoption has taken place. You’ll also receive free counseling services throughout your adoption process.

It is illegal for an adoptive family to pay a birth mother directly for any pregnancy-related expenses. These pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses must be paid for through an adoption agency like Adoption Answers. Payment in exchange for the placement of a child into an adoption situation is also illegal, and there are no Texas adoption agencies that pay you to place a child for adoption.

While some adoptive families may want to give you monetary gifts directly to help you through your pregnancy, it is important that you do not accept them. Accepting things like gift cards, cash or checks directly from an adoptive family could potentially put the legality of your adoption at risk. Should an adoptive family come forward with this type of gift, it is safest to refer them to your Adoption Answers adoption specialist.

How to Get Paid for Adoption and Pregnancy Expenses in TX

Texas adoption laws do not have a maximum payable amount for birth parent living expenses, unlike some states. If you are concerned about your financial stability, talk to your Adoption Answers adoption specialist about what expenses you may need help with and if we are able to provide them. Pregnancy-related expenses you may be eligible to have covered through birth parent living expenses include:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Gas/travel costs
  • Maternity clothing
  • Groceries
  • And more

Birth parent living expenses are a type of adoption financial assistance that can help you through your pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth is costly, and a lack of financial stability may be one of the reasons why you’re considering adoption for your baby. It can also be difficult to continue working consistently as your pregnancy progresses, so a lack of income worries many expectant parents. Adoption financial assistance eases the financial burdens of pregnancy, so that you can focus on taking care of yourself instead of worrying about money right now.

Remember that all of the adoption-related services provided by Adoption Answers and other professionals are free for you, including your medical care, adoption costs, attorney fees and counseling costs. It’s always 100 percent free to place a child for adoption in Texas.

Knowing that these expenses will be taken care of is often a huge relief for expectant mothers. One less thing to worry about means a happier and healthier you and baby.

Do you qualify to get paid for adoption-related costs through Texas birth parent expenses? Call us now at 1-800-659-7541 to discuss your financial needs.