Home Study Background Checks

Background checks are required in each adoption for all age-appropriate members of your household. The Texas Family Code requires that a criminal history check, a central registry check, and FBI fingerprints be completed for each prospective adoptive parent and each person age 14 and older who resides in the home, including part-time residents (i.e. step-children, college students, and elderly).

Some states require clearance checks for anyone in the home age 12 or older, so clearances may be requested for those household members if required.

Texas also requires child abuse clearances be made for each adult living in the house from each state or country the adult has lived in during the last five years. For an international adoption, child abuse clearances are required from each state or country that the adult has lived in since the age of 18.

At the start of the home study process, you will receive a Criminal History Check Form for each prospective parent, as well as any other household members. Once these forms have been completed, you will need to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. You will be provided with instructions on how to complete your fingerprints.

All clearances must be current within the last year and remain up-to-date for the duration of the adoption process. We will assist you with updating clearances when required.

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